Strategic Staging

Strategic Staging, a sister company to Gallery of Homes, is designed to be a turnkey —and very affordable— service for agents and their sellers.

We have enough inventory to stage more than 30 homes at the same time, and a full-time staging director to make the experience stress-free and rewarding. On average our staged homes sell faster, and at higher dollar, than those that haven't been staged.

If you think the aim of staging is to make pretty photos, you're only partly right. Staging a home for sale must also be strategic (hence the company's name). Keep reading to learn how the right staging will addresses buyer doubts, solve problems, and offset a home's flaws.

Whether it's a nook or cranny or an entire room, some spaces aren't easily identifiable and buyers don't like feeling confused. Good staging offers sensible uses for weird spaces. "We've staged areas for gift-wrapping, homework stations, craft rooms, spots for video gaming or playing board games, and home theaters. The point is to spark buyers' imaginations so they don't have to guess," says Hale.

Fixing the flow. Some houses have layouts that leave buyers feeling disoriented. Staging can create a purposeful flow, leading visitors from one logical step to the next. It can also open up constricted areas so buyers won't feel claustrophobic as they move through the home. "Even if a house isn't open-concept, we can give it an open feel with the right staging."

Hitting the price point. A house that's priced ambitiously must look like it's worth every penny. A strategically-staged listing with high-end decor is more likely to get multiple, higher offers and pend faster.

This place makes me so happy. Buying a house is a decision based on finance plus romance, and not necessarily in equal parts. Good staging combines color, shape, texture, and artwork to produce a feeling of home that is both aspirational and irresistible. Happy vibes can mitigate a home's shortcomings.

And yes, great photos. Since nearly all home searches begin online, photos must be fabulous: bright, uncluttered, and high-impact. Strategic Staging services always include free professional photography.

Agents, investors, and FSBOs can reach Michelle Hale at (317) 201-7338 to learn more about Strategic Staging or schedule a consultation.